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Mora Design is a creative project whose purpose is to propose an artisanal way of intervening in the environments making them unrepeatable. By adapting shapes and materials from time to time , the interiors return to a natural dimension that reflects a lifestyle, a way of feeling things.

This philosophy accompanies every work from its conception ( design ) to its realization, being manual in nature .

The solid artisan base does not negate the implementation of digital, Photomontage and Graphic Design take over in some phases of the design, in Communication, in the creation of backdrops for interiors, scenographies.

Parallel to the work on materials, we develop visual themes such as:


" Mass Distractions ", iconic textured images;


"   Monocles   ", surreal allegorical characters represented in pencil vintage style ;


" La Galerie ", a virtual platform that reconstructs the famous Universal Exhibition Building in Paris, in which it is possible to interact and set project exhibitions, art exhibitions, multimedia events (videogames, Augmented Reality)  


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