Through work on the shape, curves and sets of innovative lighting, Mora Design creates objects with high visual impact, intended to provoke new aesthetic experiences.

Our plastic suggestions arise from the attempt to transform the object into a design that embodies the intuition of beauty.
We believe that this concept can not be the result of a planned or structured elaboration.

Our creative path is a long way from the research, design, culture, sign, taste, nature, empathy and dialogue.
This path is transformed gradually in the enthusiasm to experiment, create, propose, modify, evolve and take risks.

In the best tradition of Italian craftsmanship, we have designed a new creative line to bring humans in a new aesthetic experience.

Mora Design offers unique pieces created in his studio in Italy.

Our design objects are at the crossroads between craft, art and industry. The handmade, extensively used for coloring, assembly and manufacturing process, gives its own unique identity to our collections. Constantly changing, they are open to change, in a permanent dialogue between people.

Mora Design develops a new concept of savoir-vivre.

A concept where all the creative potential is exploited in the service of beauty, uniqueness and functionality. We are looking for new harmonies to make possible the integration of the object with humans, in the environment in which they live: a huge challenge, magical, wonderful experience constantly changing we are pleased to share with you!


Mora Design – Furnishings, accessories, art